Case Study – Improving ranking, traffic, and lead generation with SEO strategies

Case Study – Improving ranking, traffic, and lead generation with SEO strategies


A technology solutions provider in Massachusetts providing solutions around the globe wanted to grow their traffic and generate leads. They had their website set up on a different platform and recently moved their website to the WordPress platform. Therefore, they were trying their hands on SEO for the first time.  

We at Digi Optimization are experts in Digital Marketing services. We develop SEO strategies as per the client’s objectives. It is crucial to understand the objectives and goals to design an SEO strategy.


The website did not have any SEO done ever. There was no metadata, page structure, or keyword strategies used on the website. There was no keyword ranking, and none of the pages were ranking on Google.

The clients’ main objective was to generate leads and grow their business.


  • Understand their target clients/customers, which were business to business
  • Studying the target keywords to be included on the website and for content creation
  • Understanding their competitors
  • How to improve ranking and quality traffic to generate leads


  • We researched about our clients’ solutions and services they were providing
  • We studied the regions/locations client was targeting
  • A keyword list was made, which included competitor keywords and shared the exhaustive list with the client for review
  • We studied the competitor’s website, content, traffic, and marketing strategies
  • We developed high-quality content as per the targeted keywords
  • We started building backlinks on relevant websites
  • A short-term and long-term goal plan were created with deadlines to track growth


We had set the expectation with the client that the first 3 months will be crucial for us to work on on-page and off-page SEO and develop high-quality content with relevant keywords to get their website to start ranking on Google.

Google Analytics report for SEO

When we started working on off-page SEO activities, the website had no ranking in the top 100 pages. However, we started ranking from 2nd month onwards, and below are our results:

  • 1st month – We completed our on-page SEO, and our traffic results showed an increase of 89 plus visitors as compared to the previous month
  • 2nd month – Started ranking for 2 keywords, and traffic showed an increase by 107% visitors from last month
  • 3rd Month – Ranking improved to 8 keywords, and traffic jumped up to 120% from the previous month. Also, the Domain Authority improved
  • 4th Month – Ranking for 11 keywords and traffic comparatively increased by more than 93% since last month
  • 5th Month – Ranking for 14 Keywords and traffic increased by over 106% as compared to last month
  • 6th Month –Ranking continues to improve by 16 Keywords, and traffic increased by over 109% as compared to last month

As of today, we have 5 of the pages ranking on the first page of Google, and the rest are ranking in the top 10 pages of Google.

Also, we have achieved 2 leads in the 4th month, and leads have doubled in the 6th month.

We created an experience and gained trust from our client with the result we achieved. We had established with the client that SEO brings traffic and ranking to the website. However, the client was keen on leads, and we took it up as a challenge to drive quality traffic to the website.

Quality traffic will generate lead conversion. Our results have gained not only a good review but the opportunity to manage their social media account and continue to work on their website’s SEO services.

Ensure to check keyword tools and ranking frequently. Keep an eye on the results. If the results are not as expected, change your strategy. Its better to identify at the early stage if your strategies are producing desired results. Always have a plan B to make quick changes.

We at Digi Optimization believe in results. Results make happy customers and generate more business. If you would like to know more about our services, please feel to contact us at

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