Do You Want to be a good Content Writer?
Content Creation

Do You Want to be a good Content Writer?

A Content Writer is a professional who writes content. Content Writing is one of the most important roles in Digital Marketing. There are over millions of content posted on the internet every day. Around 4.4 billion are active internet users who consume various kinds of information.

Content writers strive for attention from these users, every time they post an article or put information online. Hence, understanding the audience, what information they are looking for, and what unique information can be provided becomes a top priority for content creators.

Before we dive deep into the topic, let’s begin by understanding “Content”.

What is Content?

Content is information in the form of text, graphics, or multi-media. It can be an informative article, punch-line or slogan of a brand, a sales pitch, terms and conditions, and so on. It is anything that conveys a message or information.

Content or information has always been a part of our communication. However, the term “Content” became very popular with the rise of the internet.

Writing content on desktop

Content Writer

A content writer is a professional who writes information for websites based on their research on specific topics. A content writer can write on various topics depending on their knowledge and their research on the subject.    

Types of Content Writers

Content writers are multi-skilled. A copywriter will mostly focus on writing copies for brands. A technical content writer will focus on writing technology-based content. Therefore, based on their knowledge and skill, content writers can be categorized into the below:

SEO Content Writer

An SEO content writer is extremely creative and writes content to help in SEO. They are responsible for writing articles by keeping the focus on the relevant keywords. While writing articles or blogs, they also ensure they write SEO friendly headings, sub-headings, descriptions, meta tags, and so on.  To know more about SEO, read our article on All about SEO.

Marketing and Communication Writer

These are written for a targeted audience, and the focus is to get them to take action. The marketing and communication writers create flyers, video content, blogs, articles, e-books, social media content, content for email campaigns, newsletters, brochures, and marketing collaterals.  


Copywriters have to be extremely creative with their writing. They write jingles and punch lines for advertising campaigns, banners, billboards, print media, and so on. They focus on creating conversions with their every copy.

Report Writer

Report writers are a requirement in companies that conduct researches. These companies require writers who have the knowledge to understand their researches, to write a detailed and in-depth report of the research.

Technical Writer

Technical Content writers write content on complex technical subjects, which could be about engineering, robotics, biotechnology, and so on.

Editorial Writer

Editorial writers write academic content for students.

Feature Writer

Feature writers are extremely creative. They write features on lifestyle, travel, personal care, food, and so on. You will find them writing columns in the digital space as well as print, short stories, and poems.    


A ghostwriter is someone who writes on behalf of someone else. Their work is published under someone else’s name.

Press Release Writer

A press release is about making an announcement to their audience like the launch of a product, merger, or expansion of their business. It is to announce a new development and to keep their audience informed about the changes in the company.

Importance of Writing

Different types of Content Captures like book and camera

Content writing is about writing blogs, articles, email campaigns, templates, newsletters, and so on. However, content is not restricted to text. It includes graphics and multimedia as well. Even though graphics and multimedia don’t require 500 or 1000 words of written information, a content creator will still write down the idea before it is executed.  

If the idea is written on a piece of paper, it becomes easy to convert into a video or image. Writing down the content is advisable because it is easier to give a proper format to your video or podcast.

How to create content?

Below are some basic steps to follow to create content:


Content writing or creation begins with planning. What content is required for a specific website? What kind of keywords has to be included in the content? And understanding your target audience is crucial to create content.  


If the content is not valuable, the purpose of writing content fails. So, perform in-depth research on the topic. Once you have researched and have a complete understanding of the subject, it becomes easier for you to write.   

Understanding of SEO

An understanding of the kind of keywords that will improve your website ranking is important. Make use of relevant keywords where necessary, like in your title, headings, sub-headings, and so on. Also, keep in mind the required length of the content. The length of the content will vary from one form of content to another.


Avoid duplication or plagiarism. It is a cardinal sin for a content writer to copy information. A content writer or creator should develop rich content that is unique for the audience.    


Write short sentences to avoid grammatical errors. Use tools like Grammarly to check for grammar errors.

Review and editing

Once your work is ready, the next step is to review and edit the content. Even a professional content writer should review their content. Reviewing and editing are quite crucial before you publish.

I have learned quite early in my career. All content work must be reviewed and re-reviewed. Get a fresh pair of eyes to review the content, and also read your content aloud before you finalize it.

The number of times you critically review it, you will find ways to make it better. Once the final edit and review are done, and if you’re happy with your work, it is ready to be published.  

Types of Content

Below are the different types of content:

Text Content

The text content is also included in videos and images. However, let’s see the pure text form of content:


Blog posts are one of the most widely used text forms of content. Blogging is a way to provide information about products and services. It is a marketing strategy to create interactions and conversations with clients.

User Guide or Beginners Guide

This contains information about the company and its products and services.

White papers

White papers are very informative. They are organized and provide in-depth information. The main focus can be a specific problem or advocating a specific solution.

Case study

Case studies follow a straight-forward approach. It uses a storytelling methodology. It begins with a summary, explains the problem or situation, explains the solution, then the results, and how it matters.


Ebooks are quite popular. Most blogging sites give away free Ebooks that work as lead magnets.

Email Newsletters

Newsletters are also a popular form of content marketing technique. You can build a personal relationship with your clients and customers. Newsletters are informative and also a way to make customers feel special by offering them special discounts in a personalized way.

There are many more forms, like landing pages, product reviews, FAQs, research data, and so on.

Image Content

Image content is information or message conveyed with a picture or image. It is rightly said a picture conveys a thousand words. You may not need any written information, and the picture can convey the message. Our social media posts are all filled with images, and some of the popular social media platforms that use images include Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler. Few examples of images are photos, Maps, graphic representations, roadmaps, comics or cartoons, and so on.  

Video Content

Videos are quite an effective way of delivering information. Information can be delivered using video format by using mediums like YouTube, Podcasts, Video Chats, Video presentations, Video infographics, and so on.

Understanding Content

Audio Content

Audio content is information that we consume by listening. Audiobooks are one of the popular forms. Also, most video content includes audio content as well.


Content can be presented in a wide variety of formats. It requires your creativity to present them in an attractive and digestible manner.

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